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COSCU Changemakers Hub Registration Form

Welcome to the COSCU Changemakers Hub registration! We are thrilled to have you join our global network of dedicated institutions and organizations committed to transforming education. Please fill out the form below to register your institution as a COSCU Changemakers Hub.

Types of COSCU Changemakers Hubs

  1. Learning Hubs Learning Hubs partner with us to enhance learning and development for their staff and students. These hubs provide a platform for continuous professional development, innovative teaching methodologies, and collaborative learning experiences. By becoming a Learning Hub, your institution will gain access to exclusive resources, workshops, training sessions, competitions etc. designed to elevate educational standards and practices.
  2. Program Development Hubs Program Development Hubs collaborate with us to design and develop cutting-edge training and research programs. These hubs work closely with COSCU Changemakers to create impactful educational programs that address the evolving needs of the education sector. By joining as a Program Development Hub, your institution will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of education through research, curriculum development, and innovative educational solutions.
  3. Infrastructure Hubs Infrastructure Hubs provide the necessary facilities and infrastructure for organizing workshops, events, conferences, and other educational activities. These hubs are essential in creating a conducive environment for learning and collaboration. As an Infrastructure Hub, your institution will host various COSCU Changemakers events, bringing together educators, students, and stakeholders to share knowledge, network, and drive positive change in education.

Join the COSCU Changemakers network and become a part of a global movement dedicated to ensuring quality education for all. Your institution’s partnership can make a significant impact on the educational landscape, driving innovation and excellence.

Register today and start your journey with COSCU Changemakers!

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