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Every changemaker has a story to tell—a journey of dedication, passion, and impact. At COSCU Changemakers, we celebrate the efforts and projects of individuals and organizations committed to advancing Quality Education (SDG-4) globally. We invite you to share your story and inspire others with your journey towards creating positive change in education.

Why Share Your Story with Us?

  1. Inspire Others: Your story has the power to inspire and motivate fellow changemakers, educators, policymakers, and advocates worldwide.
  2. Showcase Your Impact: Highlight your initiatives, projects, and efforts in promoting equitable access to quality education. Let the world see the tangible difference you’re making.
  3. Amplify Your Voice: By sharing your story on our platform, you amplify your voice and reach, connecting with a global audience passionate about educational transformation.

How to Submit Your Story:

  1. Write Your Story: Craft your story with authenticity, detailing your journey, challenges faced, solutions implemented, and the impact achieved.
  2. Include Visuals: Enhance your story with visuals such as photos, videos, and infographics that bring your projects to life.
  3. Submit Your Story: Fill out the submission form below, providing a brief overview of your story and attaching any supporting materials.

What Happens Next?

Our team will review your submission and select impactful stories to be featured on our website and social media platforms. Your story will inspire others and contribute to a collective narrative of change in education.

Join Us in Sharing Stories of Impact and Inspiring Change!

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